Mindful Comeback Therapy

Psychotherapy, Counseling and Mental Health Services for Individuals, Couples and Families.

About Us

Hi, I am Rubina, the owner of MCT and we work with individuals who want to grow and better themselves.

We are so glad you are here and putting forth your needs first or may be you are here because your friend or family member needs support or you are just tired of feeling this ‘Numb’ feeling and you want some answers as to “Why are you feeling this way?, “Why don’t you feel happy or sad anymore?” or asking yourself “Why am I like this?”, What is wrong with me’? If I have made you question yourself right now then you are in the right place with the right person.

As your therapist, we will help you explore all these feelings, we will first start with an initial consult where we want to hear everything about you that you are comfortable sharing, Then we will collaboratively work with you to see where these feelings, emotions, behaviors, thoughts might be coming from. Once we have some links established we will then think of some Life Worth Living goals that you would like to achieve.  Then through our journey together we will meet at least once a week and will start exploring each link one by one till we reach our final goal. We will provide you with tools throughout, come up with a plan for recovery and wellness for your Mindful Comeback.

Our Approach

The biggest priority is to make you feel understood, connected, worthy, seen, safe and to create a non-judgmental space to share vulnerable experiences and for you to build trust with your therapist. We come from an optimistic mindset and have the skill of finding some sort of positive outcome even in our most negative life experiences. We work from a holistic view which means we like to look at all aspects of life i.e. biological, psychological, and social to create a balance between our mind and body. We have expertise working with clients experiencing suicidal thoughts, engaging in suicidal ideations or Self-harm behaviors/ thoughts, worrying to a point where they cannot function in their daily lives (anxiety), often experience sadness, crying and feeling hopeless about life (depression), lack of appetite, lack of sleep, lack pleasure in things that they once liked, difficulty regulating emotions, feelings and thoughts, anger management, poor relationship with friends or family.

connected, family, together

Supporting Mental Health by making "THERAPY" the new norm!

Some evidence based interventions that we like to incorporate in our therapy styles are Dialectical behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Solution Focused approach (SFT), Crisis Interventions skills, Interpersonal therapy, Trauma informed approach and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Areas We Treat


Do you feel like you are always trying to understand what’s wrong with me? Or you feel things are never going to be okay and you will never be happy? My expertise will help guide and inspire you to achieve a better understanding of these emotions and we will collaborate to create a personalized wellness plan for you.

Whether you’re struggling with co-parenting, wanting to understand needs in your relationship, want to feel comfortable in opening up or need extra support to express then I am here to help. After several sessions, you will become well-versed in handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.

Is it hard to manage daily conflicts at home or do you feel like nobody can communicate with each other? Want to improve communication and recognize need then my expertise can help in guiding you and your family to achieve a better understanding and create a space for everyone to grow and appreciate each other.


Mindful Comeback

Mindful means living in the 'Present', the here-and-now and Comeback means choosing to 'Live a Life worth living'. Let's collaborate for your Mindful Comeback.
Rubina Gogna
Registered Psychotherapist